About My Work

In my art world, I have very minutely experienced every eternal truth of human life. I have made an effort to touch the inner most corner of human life with deep emotional sense. Through my canvass, I have tried to figure out the intimate relationship between body and soul, the materialistic, physical and mental thrust and the dark temptation of human. I have very turbulently presented my state of mind about the internal bond between body and soul and their social level. After making an account of various aspects of human life , the colors which light up my mental horizon, are depicted by me through the power of my strokes.While travelling through the roads of my life, my art has been an inseparable companion supporting me in the hustle and bustle of my life.


My art is the sole existence of my life through which I breath and live. I will always try to depict my art in the purest form in front of the art lovers and critics.I hope all your blessings will enhance my skill and will give a new ray of hope to the cause of my life.

By Dr.Rakesh Singh